Industry: Retail


Creating a dashboard for  managing the self-service cash register for employees. Designing UX and visual representation for the application for tablets.

About the project:

The SmartCart mobile self-service checkout consists of a barcode scanner and a touch screen, as well as a dedicated application that enables customers to make purchases. Sales security is ensured by a weight-vision system that detects all errors and fraud attempts in real time. Payment is made at the payment station by card, in cash or via a dedicated mobile application. 

What we did:

With no doubts, it was a very exciting project. We participated in the project on three stages.

  1. Our developers wrote a dashboard essential for managing the self-service cash register for employees.

  2. We also developed the frontend of the application, responsible for communication between tablets and the client’s API. For this project, we leveraged Vue.s.

  3. We have a big experience in creating user-friendly interfaces and designs. We created unique graphic design and UX of the application for tablets.

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