Recruitment platform ITninjadevelopers

Industry: HR


Building a marketplace for IT experts.

About the project:

Finding a right candidate for the job or the right offer may not be easy as the competition on the job market is rising. The is about to become a community of IT professionals that are looking for job opportunities and business representatives that require talented developers for their projects.  

The is the project that aims to acquire several characteristic types of user accounts:

  • employers interested in hiring developers on a permanent basis, 

  • HR specialists supporting themselves on the recruitment process, 

  • IT experts with various skills and qualifications,

  • people looking for a team who want to build a technological project, occasionally SH.

    What we did:

    Starting from the Case that we knew well, we decided to create basic views of forms that a given specialist from IT and related industries should complete.  

    ITninja was written in Laravel and Vue.js technologies. The project was preceded by a business process workflow to take place within a recruitment-related app. While writing the application, we conducted a code review. The application also underwent performance tests to match a given server.

    Develop with us 

    We can support your development process and help you modify or improve your IT products. 

    Feel free to contact us and tell us about your business idea! :)