We support the development and construction of our clients' projects when starting and developing their adventure with e-commerce. The main emphasis is put on the development of software based on the open source Sylius.

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When developing software, we offer, apart from programming work, an e-commerce UX audit consisting of a briefing, brand strategy research, verification of e-commerce processes, review of marketing activities, verification of team competences, analysis of e-commerce platforms and tools, and a shopping path basket audit.

Sylius offers much more than you might think. It was built in such a way that it is possible to replace individual parts of the system, implementing your own solution without much problem. Additionally, right out of the box, we can connect to the API (for the store or Admin panel), which allows us to build the front of the store based on a reactive JS framework or, for example, a mobile application. In addition, we can optionally use a ready-made template attached to the store functioning. It is also important for us that in the event of the need to develop an application (if the store were to turn into a much larger application), Sylius allows for easy development of functionalities that have absolutely nothing to do with the store.

Summing up the advantages, it is a flexible system:

- the ability to model and build components, including those that are under SEO

- the ability to write your own plug-ins (where the market is not saturated) with point strategy

- the development of Polish software makes more sense (presta has a more saturated market).