Kamil Cyrana
Bussines Partner

Kamil Cyrana: I have been passionate about competing since childhood. It turned into practicing various kinds of sports. During adolescence period, my interest was also focused on tracking technology development. I was a great enthusiast of transferring all ideas and inventions into the real use of everyday functioning in the society.

Kamil Cyrana:

I am a graduate of BA studies in the field of Internal Security at WSPIA Rzeszów University and MA studies in HR management also at WSPIA Rzeszów University.

I have extensive experience in business management in IT projects and creating project teams. Creates solutions to complex business problems in IT. I personally analyze IT projects and their assumptions in terms of suitability for target customers, model business processes and implement solutions on the market. I have user experience and e-commerce audit skills in terms of verifying the path of the shopping cart processes.

I have an ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO 27001 certificate.