Laravel is a framework built on Symfony components. Laravel uses Symfony as its framework, but complements it with its logic for writing PHP software. The primary domain for Laravel is the intuitiveness and the pace of writing software.

Laravel already provides us with some of the tools necessary for the work. Eloquent ORM or Vue.js the service of which we get out of the box can be examples here. The advantage of Laravel is the pace of writing a code without the need to create complex and extensive code lines.

Unlike Symfony, this framework supports system authorization, and our configuration is limited to configuring the database during migration only.

As the template engine, Laravel uses the Blade engine. For us, this is a better solution than Twig. At the basic level, both solutions are relatively similar to each other in terms of their operation. The distinguishing feature of Blade is the ability to place the code directly in the file with the template.