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Nowadays internet presence is a must-have for almost all businesses, even if your product is very hard to showcase or your industry is very specific. Clients, no matter what, will look for you online. And to create a good brand image you need to have a good website.

Do it for your customers

First of all, forget for a minute about your business and think about your clients. What kind of problems do they have, what type of solution will they be looking for and what information is going to be useful for them. Create your website not for yourself, but for your customers. Build clear navigation and make sure that your website is loading very fast. Users want quick and easy access to information. And don’t forget that a lot of users are using their mobile devices on a daily basis. Your website needs to be designed with responsive web design (RWD) to make sure that it displays correctly on different devices. For better results use smaller images and avoid long videos.

Be an expert in your field

Secondly, your content is what will drive customers to your website. So create content that is easy to read and grammatically correct. Your content supposed to be updated regularly and to build your brand image. If you want to convert regular visitors into clients, try to educate them instead of selling because this way you will be seen as an expert. And if your visitors will trust your brand they will also trust your product.

Include contact information

Make it easy for your clients to contact you. Your contact information should always be accessible and must include several ways to reach you. The easier it is to contact you, the greater is the probability that your clients will.

Don’t forget about SEO

SEO is very important when it comes to the position in search engine. But don’t try too hard. Put your customers before everything else. So what if your website is first on the list, but clients leave it couple seconds later? Create your website as visitor friendly as possible and then modify it to suit SEO rules.