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If you already have a good website that is designed to suit mobile devices, why would you go an extra mile and create a mobile app also? Don’t get it wrong, responsive web design is a must-have, but the mobile app will give you a lot more benefits in addition to a mobile version of your website. In 2017 2,6 billion people were actively using their mobile devices and 80% of their time was spent on mobile apps.

It will give your customers more value

The mobile app is a great way to showcase your product and personalize customer’s experience with your brand. Also, mobile apps can give your customers benefits that websites can’t provide. You can create an app with the loyalty program, coupons or exclusive offers. Give your clients a reason to use your app.

Customers will become more loyal

Mobile apps give you an opportunity to improve customer service. You should always be with your customers to build their trust and loyalty. Make it easier to purchase your product and to contact you directly through the mobile device. Make sure that your app is providing also benefits that your customers won’t find on your website.

Satisfied clients boost your profit

When your customers are loyal and happy, they will come back to you more and more. If you give your customers some value from using your app and make purchasing process easy, your profit will increase significantly. Mobile apps help you to communicate with your customers in a more efficient way. 

Make your business seen

Visibility will make your brand stronger. With a mobile app you can show your customers your business and it will be more effective than with a website. Apps are a great tool to provide compact pieces of information and there are higher chances that users will look for that information in your app.

Advertise directly through an app

The mobile app allows you to reach your customers immediately. In-app ads can be personalized to increase their success rate. Through push notifications you can show your customers important information that can create value for them and profit for you.