Industry: HR

Challenge: Building a marketplace for IT experts. About the project: Finding a right candidate for the job or the right offer may not be easy as the competition on the job market is rising. The is about to become a community of IT professionals that are looking for job opportunities and business representatives that require talented developers for their projects. The is the project that aims to acquire several characteristic types of user accounts: - employers interested in hiring developers on a permanent basis, - HR specialists supporting themselves on the recruitment process, - IT experts with various skills and qualifications, - people looking for a team who want to build a technological project, occasionally SH. What we did: Starting from the Case that we knew well, we decided to create basic views of forms that a given specialist from IT and related industries should complete. ITninja was written in Laravel and Vue.js technologies. The project was preceded by a business process workflow to take place within a recruitment-related app. While writing the application, we conducted a code review. The application also underwent performance tests to match a given server.

Industry: Marketing, database

Challenge: Software UX redesign and improving efficiency of the system About the project: The streetcom project, and in fact its consultations, came to our workshop much earlier than we have actually started our current cooperation. Sometimes such complex projects cast doubts on customers, who ask us for support. The entire application had to be rewritten from the scratch in order to become more efficient. We’re happy to say that we are experienced in small, medium and big size projects, and we can help you even with challenging development tasks. What we did: The application that needed improvement is designed to facilitate work inside the environment in which the company operates. The application is to optimize the full range of data which filters it to obtain a specific result of the information through the filters from the database. Due to the confidentiality clause, we cannot present the exact case or the mock-ups of the project, and rely on sample information received from the client. You should know that during multiple projects we gained experience in improving business software of various types, and we are ready to increase efficiency of your business tools.

Industry: Air Transport

Challenge: Developing an application dedicated to civil aviation schools. About the project: The main goal was to develop a mobile application that could be used by both iOS and Android users. It was important as end-users were supposed to use download and use application on their private devices, and it is obvious that they will use different operating system. The purpose of the application is the control of small aircraft, management of small aircraft, entering small aircraft into the system and booking flights, post-flight reports and user communication. What we did: Project written in flutter technology, which is great for mobile, cross-platform development. Thanks to the use of such solution, the application could be created with the participation of one developer for two separate iOS and Android environments. We ensured high security of the project and speed up the development process by using Laravel for backend development. The web application was created in the React.js technology. This choice of tech stack for web development enabled us high quality, user-friendly UI for the end-users.

Industry: Construction

Challenge: Creating loyalty programs management software. About the project: The project consists in calculating loyalty points for the client's contractors. Developed application allows user to manage construction sites, assign points according to the rules of cooperation between application owner with its contractors. What we did: We wrote the project in Laravel and Vue.js technologies and the application is integrated with Comrach Optima software. The view in Comarch software that the application connects to is based on SQL. The application is written in PWA technology. Thanks to this solution, the application can be used offline, as it works with data cached during your last interactions with the application. It has most of the features that mobile applications usually have. For example, you can leverage it to send notifications to your contractors.We configured four types of accounts in the Application, from the Administrator who has the right to manage the application, to the pavement and the merchant to commission construction sites.

Industry: Retail

Challenge: Creating a dashboard for managing the self-service cash register for employees. Designing UX and visual representation for the application for tablets. About the project: The SmartCart mobile self-service checkout consists of a barcode scanner and a touch screen, as well as a dedicated application that enables customers to make purchases. Sales security is ensured by a weight-vision system that detects all errors and fraud attempts in real time. Payment is made at the payment station by card, in cash or via a dedicated mobile application.