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Michał Czechowski


Michał Czechowski: from an early age I am passionate about new technologies. I have been learning programming since the period of primary education. My specialty is PHP framework laravel and Symfony.

Kamil Cyrana

Bussines Partner

Kamil Cyrana: I have been passionate about competing since childhood. It turned into practicing various kinds of sports. During adolescence period, my interest was also focused on tracking technology development. I was a great enthusiast of transferring all ideas and inventions into the real use of everyday functioning in the society.

Implementation of open source ecommerce solutions

B2b and B2C ecommerce

We develop mobile applications in Flutter technology

Flutter application deployment

We develop web applications

Develop in framework Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js


Flutter is a mobile UI framework from Google, designed to create high-quality native iOS and Android interfaces in a relatively short time. Using Flutter, we write native applications on both platforms with the same base code (in Dart).


Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building user interfaces. The framework allows you to create both simple components, as well as advanced and scalable SPA (Single-Page Application) applications.

Nuxt 2

This technology speeds up and facilitates development. It distinguishes itself by creating universal applications in which HTML is rendered both on the client and server side (NodeJS).


Laravel is a framework built on Symfony components. Laravel uses Symfony as its framework, but complements it with its logic for writing PHP software. The primary domain for Laravel is the intuitiveness and the pace of writing software


Symfony is a model technology in php, which is mainly focused on creating advanced web applications. When I think about this framework, what mainly comes to my mind is its flexibility, thanks to a tool called Event Dispatcher

Digital Product Design

User Experience is designing user experiences, User experience is to evoke specific reactions...UI design, just like UX design is a multitasking approach to the interface problem.


Business concept analysis


Creating technical documentation of the project


Creating project mockups


Creating project interfaces


Technology selection


Applications programming


Unit tests


Server selection and implementation

Reasons to work with Project Manager

person who is responsible for planning, monitoring and executing projects. Project manager is very useful especially when a company is dealing with huge projects and big team.

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Benefits of educating your clients

This is a generic article you can use for adding article content / subjects on your website. You can edit all of this text and replace it with anything you have to say in your news/topic article.

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Mobile website vs mobile app. What to choose?

If you are planning to expand your presence to mobile devices, you probably are asking yourself whether to make a mobile website or an application. And the classical answer is: it depends.

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Fixed price vs time and materials_ which model to choose

When cooperating with a software house you need to know which pricing model to choose so your project will be done according to your goals.

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Does your business have a mobile app

Don’t get it wrong, responsive web design is a must-have, but the mobile app will give you a lot more benefits in addition to a mobile version of your website.

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Before you launch your mobile app

Launching your mobile app is seems to be a simple task. You make an app and publish it. But there is more to it than just putting it out for the world to see.

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What to consider while creating your website

Nowadays internet presence is a must-have for almost all businesses, even if your product is very hard to showcase or your industry is very specific.

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Pros and cons of PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to create websites and web applications. Almost all websites nowadays are written in PHP despite its constant criticism. And as every programming language has its pros and cons.

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We Share Knowledge


  • Aleja Wincentego Witosa 9B, Rzeszów, Polska

NIP 8133856997 REGON 388472110 KRS 0000890717

Yes, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the customer's request. We can do this at any stage of the process - it is entirely up to you.

Yes, we always transfer copyrights after the settlement of a given stage of work for the ordered project.

Our team works remotely in a distributed system throughout Poland. Thanks to a transparent cooperation we have access to the best programmers. The main seat of the company is in Rzeszów, yet there are no communication barriers for us and visiting the client, also outside our country is not a problem.

We are a 100% office team, so working with a partner from anywhere in the world, we have a maximum of 2 time zones to coordinate. We have experience in working with clients from all over the world and we are able to effectively cooperate in many time zones. We also have our business partners and project managers employed in the United States, Germany and Great Britain.

After preliminary agreements regarding the conclusion of cooperation, we agree the times of meetings that are convenient for both parties. We communicate with you on Discord via a channel dedicated to the project, where you can always see all important discussions about your product and you also receive from us to preview the work of Clickup, where you can also interact while watching the effects of work.

We work based on T&M or Fixed Price divided into stages of work. We adapt to the expectations of our client.

In the T&M model, you pay for the actual work time spent by the team on developing specific tasks. You are responsible for the scope of the project and you set the priorities for the development team, the increase in work is measured by the selected tool with which we can integrate the Clickup system on which we work on a daily basis, including: Chrome plug, toggl, harvest, lockify, hubstaff, everhour, timedocker, timeneye, timely .

In the Fixed Price model, we divide the project into rigid stages, followed by the settlement. The division into stages of works is a compromise between the appropriate code increment according to the approximate date and liquidity for the development team.

We are a 100% office remote team consisting of over 50 talented professionals: Flutter programmers, React.js programmers, Vue.js Backend Laravel programmers, Symfony, UI designers, UX specialists, manual and automatic testers, Devops and project managers.

Yes. We create project documentation, we store the code in a repository on Github. The one that belongs to us is very clear and well documented, which makes it easy to transfer the project to another team